International Diocese

From the Bishop

The Nicene Creed

Howard Ball, an evangelism trainer for Campus Crusade for Christ in the 1970′s, used to say, “Sometimes people remark that living a faithful Christian life is difficult. That’s not true at all. It’s not difficult– it’s humanly impossible...”

Underground Church Experience

When President Nixon went to Yalta in 1973 (in what is present day Ukraine), I flew the White House staff and secret service on my Air Force plane...

Icons and Unfolding History

Pictures, images, structures, and icons are helpful in illuminating the Christian faith for us. They are not the faith themselves; rather, they help us see and understand the faith...

The International Diocese is our response to acknowledge the importance that our international relationships hold in the life and ministry of our congregations. During some of the darkest days before the Anglican Church in North America was launched, international relationships provided the mechanism for oversight and protection provided by Archbishops and Provinces overseas.

Hundreds of congregations came under the authority of bishops and Archbishops overseas. The Bishops provided leadership, challenges to faithfulness, and encouragement to fulfill what God is calling us to do. In steps of unprecedented cooperation, scores of bishops and Archbishops joined together to consecrate me as Suffragan Bishop of All Saints Cathedral Diocese in the Anglican Church of Kenya to help care for and lead congregations that were committed to maintaining Biblical faith and practice.

After many years of working for international cooperation and networking as the General Secretary of Ekklesia, it has been gratifying to find how willing Bishops, Archbishops, and evangelists from many Global South Provinces have been to share. What we have learned from them has been tremendously helpful in the founding of the Anglican Church in North America.

The faithful witness and encouragement from our friends and colleagues from overseas has been a godsend. They have encouraged us to be steadfast, sharing with us the truth that that courage is an essential element in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and organizing into a Diocese and a Province.

Now, that ACNA has begun, the International Diocese is deeply committed to maintaining the relationships that have proven to be so vital for the Gospel and crucial in the launching of the Anglican Church in North America. We are also committed to following the example for both local and world mission that we have learned from our international partners.